In a world where there is so much negative energy, I just wanted to take the time to let you know what a terrific job Kevin and all of you did in the move of Renaissance Properties into a new, secure, virtual environment. MIS did a first-rate job of educating us as to the need for an updated, not patchwork, virtual network. You stressed the insecurity of multiple home environments with outdated equipment and the dangers of doing nothing. You also helped us understand that we really needed parallel yet integrated systems working seamlessly with our office environment to conduct business, either from our homes, through our secure office server or, eventually and hopefully, back in an office environment. Your team then skillfully proposed the hardware and software necessary to accomplish this purpose and refined the final specifications with each of us, helping to define and refine our individual work needs.

The hardware order with Dell was placed cost effectively, seamlessly and made convenient since it was then delivered to MIS. Kevin then set up all our computers individually prior to them being placed in our hands. He then, with little fanfare and an infinite degree of patience, transferred all our data and set up our individual programs. All of this was accomplished with very little downtime. Finally, he also did this all with his characteristic gentle nature and respectful handholding through all the minor glitches and our acclamation to each of our new systems.

To all of you, this was a job well done. We are appreciative for your skills, the hard work and the relationship.

Roger Tackeff
Chairman & CEO
Renaissance Properties
Boston, MA