As a boutique law firm where we focus on estate planning, settlements and closely held business representation, we have a vested interest in keeping our data safe.  We serve clients primarily in Massachusetts- particularly in Middlesex, Essex and Worcester counties and on the Vineyard-- and it’s a comfort to know we’ve built our 14-year history with MIS Alliance that also has Massachusetts roots and is able to understand and act upon our needs as a growing law firm.

Computers are key to our practice and confidentiality and security are a top priority to our firm. MIS keeps them running safely and continuously. MIS has helped us to eliminate technical challenges BEFORE they become an issue which give us total peace of mind.

The main takeaway is that MIS Alliance is extremely responsive to even the slightest issue to keep us online without a hitch and enables us to work remotely as well which sets us up for continued growth and success. Simply put… MIS and its engineers are the best.

Robert Marshall, Esq.
Marshall Crane & McAloon, P.C.
Burlington, MA