The automobile industry has dramatically changed over the decades primarily due to one main reason—technology. Since Muzi Ford was founded almost 9 decades ago, the biggest change we’ve seen in the industry is the impact that technology has made on car manufacturing, sales and service. Having a top-notch IT service company at our side is critical to our company’s success so we can provide outstanding customer service to our customers in all three phases of our operation: automobile sales, service and the car wash.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was when we transitioned our antiquated phone system from analog to digital which required a lot of coordination between MIS and our phone vendor, Comcast.  The project was executed with a minimum number of issues affecting our daily operations. MIS has done an excellent job managing our network of computers and servers, leaving our staff more time to concentrate on their primary tasks.

The technology of today is far too advance to attempt to have an in-house IT specialist. It requires a team of professionals to service a company of our size. I like to equate the value of MIS Alliance security service to one that can be applied to professional sports referees and umpires. If you don’t notice them and their name doesn’t come up in conversation, then they’re doing a good job.  If you hear their name a lot, then there is a problem. I very infrequently hear MIS Alliance names mentioned by my staff which indicates to me that our systems are secure, and we can do our jobs and focus on the business.

Neal Cammarano
Muzi Motors, Inc.
Needham, MA