Since 2012, Healthworks has had the pleasure and confidence in having MIS Alliance manage our IT security at our premiere health clubs throughout the Metro Boston area. As a multi-health club company, we keep scores of members’ personal information on file, so IT security and trust in our IT provider is as important to the health of our business as it is to our members.

Our company runs 17+ hours a day 350+ days a year and we require our IT infrastructure to be operational and secure at all times.  We recently faced a challenge due to the pandemic where state mandates forced us to temporarily close our fitness facilities. MIS jumped right on board and helped us implement a network that allowed us to stream multiple live high-definition videos from our club to support our members’ workouts out at home. This was a huge relief to us during this health crisis knowing that we could provide beloved fitness services to our members to help them sustain and achieve their health goals.

MIS Alliance has empowered us to focus on what’s important-- providing an exceptional experience to our members and staff without having to worry about our IT.

Mark Harrington Jr.
Healthworks Fitness Centers
Metro Boston, MA