We specialize in general, implant and cosmetic dentistry in the Greater Lowell, Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire areas. Our goal is to provide our patients with the latest advances in high tech dentistry in a safe environment and allow ideal dental health and reconstruction when needed. MIS Alliance has been instrumental in allowing us to provide our cutting-edge dentistry technology to our patients through its IT management services, so I can rest easy knowing our dentistry platforms are always secure and up to date.

The latest digital dentistry platforms require the same computer processors and high-end graphics as the most advanced videos games or computer-generated imagery.  Having experts help us navigate to choose the correct hardware and software is essential to complete success in an ever-changing field.

Network security of our patient’s personal information to prevent identity theft requires a team of IT specialists, like those at MIS Alliance, who have the critical engineering skills required which allows me and my patients to have peace of mind.

As a business owner since 1994, I can’t devote the appropriate time required to also manage the fields of computer science and information technologies.  Partnering with MIS Alliance allows me to share that burden with a team of experts working exclusively in the IT field and lets me focus on what I do best--dentistry. Outsourcing my IT security and choosing MIS for that role is one of the best business decisions I have made in my business career.

James Yankowskas, DDS
Tyngsboro Cosmetic Dentistry
Tyngsboro, MA