What happens when a laptop containing your company’s sensitive information is lost or stolen? Managed Device Encryption will put you at ease. We secure your devices with a centrally managed, full disk encryption, which seamlessly utilizes the technology of Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault to encrypt content as soon as it is created.

Data is protected by the continuous validation of the user, the application, and the device before access is allowed.

  • Full disk and individual file encryption.
  • End user can encrypt, decrypt and access information quickly and easily.
  • Encrypted files are used normally as any other file.
  • Create passwords with one click to share externally.
  • Share files across platforms and devices.
  • Content remains encrypted after it is shared or uploaded to a cloud-based system.
  • Store, exchange and recover keys securely across devices.
  • Central console for policy setting by groups and devices.