Since 2012, Healthworks has had the pleasure and confidence in having MIS Alliance manage our IT security at our premiere health clubs throughout the Metro Boston area. As a multi-health club company, we keep scores of members’ personal information on file, so IT security and trust in our IT provider is as important to the health of our business as it is to our members.

Our company runs 17+ hours a day 350+ days a year and we require our IT infrastructure to be operational and secure at all times.  We recently faced a challenge due to the pandemic where state mandates forced us to temporarily close our fitness facilities. MIS jumped right on board and helped us implement a network that allowed us to stream multiple live high-definition videos from our club to support our members’ workouts out at home. This was a huge relief to us during this health crisis knowing that we could provide beloved fitness services to our members to help them sustain and achieve their health goals.

MIS Alliance has empowered us to focus on what’s important-- providing an exceptional experience to our members and staff without having to worry about our IT.

Mark Harrington Jr. President
Healthworks Fitness Centers
Metro Boston, MA

As a boutique law firm where we focus on estate planning, settlements and closely held business representation, we have a vested interest in keeping our data safe.  We serve clients primarily in Massachusetts- particularly in Middlesex, Essex and Worcester counties and on the Vineyard-- and it’s a comfort to know we’ve built our 14-year history with MIS Alliance that also has Massachusetts roots and is able to understand and act upon our needs as a growing law firm.

Computers are key to our practice and confidentiality and security are a top priority to our firm. MIS keeps them running safely and continuously. MIS has helped us to eliminate technical challenges BEFORE they become an issue which give us total peace of mind.

The main takeaway is that MIS Alliance is extremely responsive to even the slightest issue to keep us online without a hitch and enables us to work remotely as well which sets us up for continued growth and success. Simply put… MIS and its engineers are the best.

Robert Marshall, Esq. Marshall Crane & McAloon, P.C.
Burlington, MA

The automobile industry has dramatically changed over the decades primarily due to one main reason—technology. Since Muzi Ford was founded almost 9 decades ago, the biggest change we’ve seen in the industry is the impact that technology has made on car manufacturing, sales and service. Having a top-notch IT service company at our side is critical to our company’s success so we can provide outstanding customer service to our customers in all three phases of our operation: automobile sales, service and the car wash.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was when we transitioned our antiquated phone system from analog to digital which required a lot of coordination between MIS and our phone vendor, Comcast.  The project was executed with a minimum number of issues affecting our daily operations. MIS has done an excellent job managing our network of computers and servers, leaving our staff more time to concentrate on their primary tasks.

The technology of today is far too advance to attempt to have an in-house IT specialist. It requires a team of professionals to service a company of our size. I like to equate the value of MIS Alliance security service to one that can be applied to professional sports referees and umpires. If you don’t notice them and their name doesn’t come up in conversation, then they’re doing a good job.  If you hear their name a lot, then there is a problem. I very infrequently hear MIS Alliance names mentioned by my staff which indicates to me that our systems are secure, and we can do our jobs and focus on the business.

Neal Cammarano CEO
Muzi Motors, Inc.
Needham, MA

In a world where there is so much negative energy, I just wanted to take the time to let you know what a terrific job Kevin and all of you did in the move of Renaissance Properties into a new, secure, virtual environment. MIS did a first-rate job of educating us as to the need for an updated, not patchwork, virtual network. You stressed the insecurity of multiple home environments with outdated equipment and the dangers of doing nothing. You also helped us understand that we really needed parallel yet integrated systems working seamlessly with our office environment to conduct business, either from our homes, through our secure office server or, eventually and hopefully, back in an office environment. Your team then skillfully proposed the hardware and software necessary to accomplish this purpose and refined the final specifications with each of us, helping to define and refine our individual work needs.

The hardware order with Dell was placed cost effectively, seamlessly and made convenient since it was then delivered to MIS. Kevin then set up all our computers individually prior to them being placed in our hands. He then, with little fanfare and an infinite degree of patience, transferred all our data and set up our individual programs. All of this was accomplished with very little downtime. Finally, he also did this all with his characteristic gentle nature and respectful handholding through all the minor glitches and our acclamation to each of our new systems.

To all of you, this was a job well done. We are appreciative for your skills, the hard work and the relationship.

Roger Tackeff Chairman & CEO
Renaissance Properties
Boston, MA

We specialize in general, implant and cosmetic dentistry in the Greater Lowell, Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire areas. Our goal is to provide our patients with the latest advances in high tech dentistry in a safe environment and allow ideal dental health and reconstruction when needed. MIS Alliance has been instrumental in allowing us to provide our cutting-edge dentistry technology to our patients through its IT management services, so I can rest easy knowing our dentistry platforms are always secure and up to date.

The latest digital dentistry platforms require the same computer processors and high-end graphics as the most advanced videos games or computer-generated imagery.  Having experts help us navigate to choose the correct hardware and software is essential to complete success in an ever-changing field.

Network security of our patient’s personal information to prevent identity theft requires a team of IT specialists, like those at MIS Alliance, who have the critical engineering skills required which allows me and my patients to have peace of mind.

As a business owner since 1994, I can’t devote the appropriate time required to also manage the fields of computer science and information technologies.  Partnering with MIS Alliance allows me to share that burden with a team of experts working exclusively in the IT field and lets me focus on what I do best--dentistry. Outsourcing my IT security and choosing MIS for that role is one of the best business decisions I have made in my business career.

James Yankowskas, DDS Tyngsboro Cosmetic Dentistry
Tyngsboro, MA