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Two Big Cyber Threats-- Your Data and the Hybrid Workstation

A cybersecurity attack is kind of like a car accident... you think "this will never happen to me." Until it does.

We're Hiring- IT Service Desk/Help Desk Professional

IT Service Desk/ Help desk MIS Alliance, a fast-paced IT consulting firm located in Newton, Massachusetts, is looking for an IT professional with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in outsourced IT Help Desk/Remote Customer Support. The candidate will be ...

Stop Before You Click

Today, at least 90 percent of employees from local companies are working from home with only two percent who are choosing to come into the office, according to a recent report in The Boston Globe. Couple that with kids who ...

7 Steps for Business Leaders to Protect Your Remote Workforce

We have all read the weekly headlines of widespread cybersecurity breaches since the onset of COVID-19, from Bill Gates to our neighbor down the street. Cybersecurity attacks have roughly quadrupled since the pandemic with the average cost per breach to ...

Create a Security-Centric Culture in Your Workplace

Does your company have a security-centric culture? If not, now is the time to begin creating one and it starts at the top. Business owners need to shift their mindset and make security a priority within their organization. Customers trust ...


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